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    • iOCHOW says:

      Thank you for your comment, for your question, Yes, We do ship to Hong Kong, the delivery cost would be $30. Have I answered your question? Please feel free to ask me if you have any confuse!
      Wish you have a wonderful day!
      Best Regard.

    • iOCHOW says:

      Hi Karu,
      The update is personally determined, mostly the update will fix some bug that may happen in some apps. We will recommend keeping the version up to date.
      Best Regard.

  1. Isao MARUYAMA says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am looking for good projector for my bed room.
    Now my first choice is iOCHOW IO4.
    Please tell me whether it can rotate image 180 degrees to be suspended from ceiling.
    Best regard.

    • iOCHOW says:

      Hi MARUYAMA,
      Sorry for the late reply, the iO4 currently do not support 180 degrees flipping function, however, you could just use stander position without flipping and control by remote. After all, the machine is small and has an autofocus function. Some ceiling brackets with trays can be used.
      Best Regard.

  2. Alex CHOUTEAU says:


    Enième relance pour vous dire que le vidéoprojecteur ne fonctionne plus. Au départ, il s’agissait uniquement d’un problème de batterie (qui nous obligeait à utiliser le vidéoprojecteur uniquement sur secteur).
    Maintenant, celui ci ne s’allume plus du tout.

    Merci de me répondre le plus rapidement possible afin de savoir quelles sont les possibilités de réparation, voire mieux de retour et de remboursement.


    Pour l’équipe jeunesse,

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