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The Beauty Of Nature – Ancient Chinese Traditional Dyeing Technolog

The Beauty Of Nature - Ancient Chinese Traditional Dyeing Technology     While watching Chinese ancient act movies, you could be attracted by the beautiful and soft clothing in the movies. So, is there really such beautiful clothing at that time? The answer is yes! From the description about the young girls’ dressing in The [...]

Fiber dyeing & Yarn dyeing

Common Textile Technologies Do you know what the most common textile technologies in the present are? They’re ‘fiber dyeing’ and ‘yarn dyeing’. Despite their similarities, they are also different.   ‘Yarn dyeing’ is a textile technology of weaving cloth after the yarn being dyed. In Japan, the fabrics made by this technology is called ‘’先染め’’, [...]

A totally naked ‘scandal’ of the 52th Super Bowl!

Not Worth The Price (Ref: Super Bowl Commercial Recap,Hannah Smith, Staff Writer • February 13, 2018 ) A few weeks ago, a journalist visited three hotels located in Minneapolis, a city where the 52th Super Bowl is being held. She found the accommodation costs more expensive than usual, even 10 times what it normally was. Unfortunately, the hygiene condition [...]

From a piece of fabric
to a suit of clothes

How do garment factories produce clothes? Let’s witness the entire process of clothing production right now! 1.Selecting the material The first step of clothing production is selecting the raw materials. It’s known that the basic material of a suit of clothes is cloth made from cotton, linen, or other materials, so it’s the most important [...]